Saturday, July 2, 2011

NOW ITS NO 9! :)

Salam.hye readers :)
its a sleepy sunday as the rain cold!hehe

i wanna continue to describe what i like about si dia.its no 9 now! from the previous post, i have mentioned that dia like cat so much! but for now,no 9 ill describe what other things yg dia suka :D

everybody loves chocolate is it?or something sweet?me personally love it too.Chocolates,cupcakes or other sweety things like tutti-frutti yoghurt or baskin robbin ice-creams! delicious huh! coaccidentally dia like it i asked dia,dia kata dia really into DAIM CHOCOLATE! DAIM?yeahh DAIM choc!the cover is in red in colour! very sweet n have a good taste.a lil pricy here but dia kata Kedah is so near with Langkawi so dia selalu beli! Gosh,are u really into Daim?yes dia kata! n dia wish for dia nye bday dis coming september dia wish to get a Daim Cake! i know where to get it but i dont know whether they can do it for me as a present from me to dia.

yeahh basically i can persuade the owner to do it for me.i really have to plan for the suprise bday! like my fren did it to me.when i was in sem 2,the next day was biology final paper.sempat lagi celebrate mlm tu!hehe. i really have fun when recall back the past memories. eventhough im not with u guys anymore for this coming intake,gudluck ok! eventhough am not with u guys anymore,but the memories remain there.will continue update for the no 8! keep on reading n comments,will follow back ur blog!

ok bye take care guys! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

10 things that i like about you :) - 10!

hye! its just a simple post this time.
But ill try to make it meaningful.
so excited!

10 things that i have discovered about you.but basically ill tell one by one on each about this post too.1 thing that i like n have discovered it.


from what i've observed,U like CAT so much.U didn't discriminate them.Whether the cat is in good condition or not,u'll still love them.It touch me a lot as for me,im a lil phobia with the cats.When the cats are nearby me or just pass through,my adrenaline rush will heart beat faster than usual.I feel not save anymore as the memory of the past keep recall back. Im afraid with the cats.Am not sure if i can counter back this phobia.. but for now,im not stronger yet to loves the cats. If u read this post,i wanna say thx so much because u have realize me about so many things.Especially in life matters. 'pepatah pon ada cakap,kalau kita berkawan ngan org yg jual minyak wangi,kita pon akan wangi!' manetau if i rapat dgn u pasni ill not afraid to those cats anymore! InsyaAllah.If Gods will. Still,to know my past with the cat,ill tell u personally.