Saturday, July 2, 2011

NOW ITS NO 9! :)

Salam.hye readers :)
its a sleepy sunday as the rain cold!hehe

i wanna continue to describe what i like about si dia.its no 9 now! from the previous post, i have mentioned that dia like cat so much! but for now,no 9 ill describe what other things yg dia suka :D

everybody loves chocolate is it?or something sweet?me personally love it too.Chocolates,cupcakes or other sweety things like tutti-frutti yoghurt or baskin robbin ice-creams! delicious huh! coaccidentally dia like it i asked dia,dia kata dia really into DAIM CHOCOLATE! DAIM?yeahh DAIM choc!the cover is in red in colour! very sweet n have a good taste.a lil pricy here but dia kata Kedah is so near with Langkawi so dia selalu beli! Gosh,are u really into Daim?yes dia kata! n dia wish for dia nye bday dis coming september dia wish to get a Daim Cake! i know where to get it but i dont know whether they can do it for me as a present from me to dia.

yeahh basically i can persuade the owner to do it for me.i really have to plan for the suprise bday! like my fren did it to me.when i was in sem 2,the next day was biology final paper.sempat lagi celebrate mlm tu!hehe. i really have fun when recall back the past memories. eventhough im not with u guys anymore for this coming intake,gudluck ok! eventhough am not with u guys anymore,but the memories remain there.will continue update for the no 8! keep on reading n comments,will follow back ur blog!

ok bye take care guys! :)